As we get older, our overall well-being becomes more important than ever. And if we hope to maintain our independence, it’s important that we stay safe and healthy. One of the biggest causes of concern amongst seniors is slip and fall accidents.

Falls can have substantially serious consequences for seniors beyond just injuries.  They can lead to a total loss of mobility and independence. By understanding the risks, seniors can better prevent them. Here are some of the most effective ways to prevent senior slips and falls.


Create a Safe Living Environment


Where a person lives plays a significant role in their chances of a slip and fall accident. For this reason, so many families moved their senior loved ones into an assisted living facility. These facilities are designed specifically with seniors’ needs in mind. From having adequate lighting, to installing hand rails to encourage balance while getting around, a safe living environment is important to prevent falls.


Be Mindful of Medications


Certain medications are prescribed to us to help us with different health concerns. While these medications are created to make us more comfortable, sometimes they can have side effects that can lead to us feeling dizzy and unbalanced. It’s crucial that you follow the instructions that come along with these medications carefully. 


Be careful about driving, or placing yourself in an environment that could put you at risk of falling after taking strong medications. Most importantly, listen to your body and know when you should sit down to avoid a potential fall.




One of the biggest contributing factors to fall risks for seniors is a lack of balance and strength. By strengthening your core and getting regular exercise, you can significantly improve your overall balance. 


If the idea of strenuous activity is daunting, you’ll be happy to know that there are all sorts of core-strengthening exercises for seniors that are very low-intensity.  From yoga, to swimming, try out a few different ways you can stay in shape that will benefit you, but are also enjoyable to do.


Live Clutter Free


All it takes is one misplaced item in the middle of a walkway to lead to a significant accident. A clutter-free life means keeping walkways and floors clear to avoid an unnecessary accident. Not only will this keep you safe, but it’s also a much more enjoyable environment to live in. When you’re living surrounded by stuff there’s a lack of Zen. Embrace clutter-free living and you’ll reap the benefits in multiple ways. 


Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming more vulnerable to injury and disease. In fact, your golden years can be some of your best if you manage to maintain your health!  By understanding the risks and taking action to avoid them, seniors can ensure their safety and continue living independent lives.