You are about to buy a house? Although it is not mandatory, a pre-purchase inspection is required. The inspection report of a professional, such as Building Property Inspections Melbourne or a chartered appraiser, will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Inspect yourself: danger!

Examining oneself for one’s future home or asking one’s father-in-law to do so is a risky gamble. Lack of knowledge and objectivity can have very costly consequences.

The inspector: the best resource to enlighten you

The purpose of the inspection is to give an accurate picture of your property and to identify visible defects and hidden defects. In his report, the Melbourne property inspector provides essential information:

  • State of cleanliness of the premises;
  • Recommendations for preserving the condition of the building;
  • Small, medium or large failures that require urgent or major work.

The property inspection report gives you the right time on your purchase. For example, if the inspection reveals a crack in the foundation, you could ask the seller to reduce the price accordingly.

Find a good inspector

To find a house inspector in Melbourne, you can conduct a search on Google or obtain references from someone you know that has used a building inspections company in the past. In addition, your real estate broker will recommend you several inspectors in whom he has full confidence in and has the required expertise to advise you.

When it goes wrong

The seller is responsible for hidden defects, but it is the responsibility of the inspector to detect visible defects. In the event of an error by the inspector, the buyer may sue him in the Small Claims Court. That’s why it’s important to verify that you have professional liability insurance against errors and omissions.

In closing, do not wait until you have made an offer to purchase the services of a building inspector. At 24 hours’ notice, you may have trouble finding one available.

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