In a modern home, a dining room is at least as important as a living room or a bedroom. How could it be otherwise? Your breakfasts and lunches (not to mention romantic dinners for two) will be more delicious if you eat them sitting at a nice dining table on a comfortable dining chair. Besides, it’s common knowledge that any food will be much more healthful if you enjoy your meal. 

Moreover, people who eat with relish get more pleasure from life. Do you agree with this? If you enjoy living well, you most likely do.

Bellavista Collection’s showcase at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 was all about living well. Ever since 1980s, the entire world knows that ‘living well’ is ‘dolce vita’ in Italian. That’s the very idea of Bellavista’s 2019 collection of Italian luxury furniture displayed at iSaloni this April.  

Bellavista’s exhibition stand at the Salone resembled an apartment, divided into several zones, sophisticatedly furnished with the showpieces. Generally speaking, the booth looked like a dream of an apartment – with a dream of a bedroom, living room, and a dining room.

The dining zone of Bellavista’s both was clearly visible from the central passageway, so passers-by could see it – and many of them dropped in.

The area included a dining table, two types of chairs around it, two sideboards, and a chandelier hanging over the entire ensemble.

QUATTRO PASSI table stood in the center and dominated the dining zone. Designed in 2019, this remarkable item was presented to the public at the Salone for the first time. Its wooden top and four legs were veneered with ebony – Bellavista’s one of the most favorite materials. The details at the ends of its legs were made of aluminum, with GOLD finish, which is among the newly adopted ones. 

On a table, there was an item that turned visitors’ heads at least as effectively as the table itself. It was IPPO – a fancy-looking cast brass tray for candles, decorated with figures of bathing and walking hippopotamuses.  

The two types of chairs round the table looked differently but harmonized with one another and the table really well.

The newly designed BRISTOL chair looked exceptionally elegant thanks to the combination of dark wood (solid moka-stained beech) and light-colored leather upholstery. It was clear from the first sight that this chair was equally beautiful and comfortable. It had partly upholstered arms and a knob at the back, which helps to move the chair easily. The brass knob with antique bronze finish looked so good that it served kind of a decoration, in addition to its utilitarian function. 56 centimeters (22 inches) wide and 65.7 centimeters (25.9 inches) deep, it looks like a super-compact armchair. It seems that this dining chair can well be placed at a writing desk – so cozy it is.  

Like BRISTOL, KATE chair was upholstered in leather, but its color was blue. This item wasn’t actually a novelty: it had already been shown in Salone del Mobile 2018. This time, the chair had legs made of moka stained ash and the back made of brass with antique bronze finish.

Two ALEXANDER sideboards complemented the furniture ensemble of the dining zone. They differed in materials chosen for their outer structure. For one of them, it was carbone larch, and for the other one – glossy tanganika frisè. The inner parts of both sideboards were made of solid maple wood combined with fabric. Brass base and handles concluded the image of this attractively-looking item.

Over all this group of pieces hanged CHAO-LI – the newly designed ceiling lamp with one light bulb. The structure made of brass with antique bronze finish went well with maple wood and natural Vienna straw of its lampshade. By the way, if you like CHAO-LI and want to have one in your home, remember that this chandelier is most suitable for rooms with ceilings from 270 to 320 centimeters high (from 106 to 126 inches).

Adding a piece of artwork is a universal way to spice up the interior. In Bellavista’s booth, there were a few ones, including ROSE panel in the dining zone. Although it was designed years ago and has already become popular with customers, at iSaloni 2019 ROSE demonstrated a new look: its wooden part was made of carbone larch rather than of moka stained walnut, which was the only option before.

When looking at the dining zone of the booth, everybody could see straightaway that its interior was perfect to a tee. In fact, the same could be said about other zones and the entire stand as well.  

Attilio Zanni, the author of all these remarkable showpieces and one of the founding fathers of the Bellavista brand, is an expert in creating a unity out of seemingly diverse items. It gives lots of opportunities to the people furnishing their homes with pieces from Bellavista Collection.  

Ex-Exhibits on the Website: Lots of Options to Choose From

Actually, providing customers with lots of options is a good tradition at Bellavista. One more tradition is to make former showpieces available to everyone almost immediately after the exhibition they were shown at.

The perfect example of both is QUATTRO PASSI table. If you look at the webpage with its description, you will see that now this item is available in a variety of forms, sizes, and materials.

The table showcased at iSaloni 2019 had a rectangular top and four legs. If you feel like having QUATTRO PASSI in your dining room, now you will have to choose among five options. Two of them have rectangular tops but differ in size; three other ones have oval, round, and square tops respectively. Two of the tables – the round and oval ones – are three-legged.

In addition, ten species of wood are offered for the tabletop veneering – from ebony, rosewood and grey sukupira to natural and stained oak and American walnut. All this gives you a numerous variety of extremely diverse QUATTRO PASSI tables. What always remains constant is impeccable quality of every detail and brilliant design by Attilio Zanni.

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