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These 20-minute chicken dinners are the solution to your busiest weeknights. This dump dinner makes the slow cooker do all the work! Pour the ingredients into the slow cooker in the morning, and dinner will be ready at the end of the work day.

One of the best ways to save some money is to go meatless . These easy recipes don’t fit into any category of weeknight dinners, but I still wanted to include them here. Fast, healthy, and delicious, they’re all worthy of a spot in your regular rotation. Out of all the easy recipes in this post, this coconut curry might be the one I make most often. I love throwing it together on busy weeknights, using whatever veggies I have on hand in the fridge. For a heartier variation, stir in cooked chickpeas, tofu, or another protein of your choice.

Soupe à L’oignon (French onion soup)

This classic Hawaiian dish—a fusion of sushi and a burrito bowl—usually features ahi tuna. This vegan-friendly version swaps seafood with marinated watermelon, resulting in a refreshing, summery dish. This salad has spring in its name, but it’s great for summer, too.

  • Make it for yourself and pretend you’re at an al fresco cafe, the sea breezes wafting in with each bite.
  • This comfort food will have everyone happy with full bellies by the end of the night.
  • The recipe features boiled egg slices gently mixed with a mustardy vinaigrette, briny capers, fresh parsley, and just-bitter-enough radicchio leaves.
  • Choose a summer
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25 Top-Rated Dinner Ideas Guaranteed to Save Your Weeknights

Dinner Ideas

Simply coat the chicken with salt and pepper, as well as the dried herbs, before cooking in a skillet. My kids love beef recipes of every kind, so I’m always developing new meals for dinner. These ground beef recipes are simple and great for the entire family. Your Crock Pot and Instant Pot are two ways to make healthy dinners without a lot of work. With both, much of the cooking time is hands-off, making them a great easy dinner idea.

Dinner Ideas

This makes the plan easier to follow and stick too. To really bring out the chocolate flavor, this recipe uses hot water to help activate the cocoa. Sweet, juicy, sinfully chocolatey, and perfect for sharing, they look just as good as they taste. Chocolate-covered strawberries might just be the ultimate lover’s dessert. This tequila-based tropical cocktail just needs to be shaken and poured, and don’t be shy with the fresh raspberries.

Healthy Grain Bowl Dinner Ideas

The BEST way to bake chicken breast, with simple ingredients! This juicy, healthy baked chicken breast recipe is fast, EASY and never dry. You’ll love my easy pan seared chicken breast recipe! Golden, juicy chicken is coated in an irresistible pan sauce, all in just 25 minutes. This is another take on the famous Waldorf salad, but with a flavor-packed mustard and ranch sauce. I love the sweet and savory combo of the grapes, crunchy celery and chicken.

  • Scoop it all up with fresh pita or good crusty bread.
  • Use a rotisserie chicken
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75 Easy Dinner Recipes for the Family- Cheap Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas

Creamy avocado contrasts with crisp veggies and gooey soba noodles, and a nutty sesame dressing ties it all together. Top it off with a shower of Parmesan cheese, or, for a vegan version, finish it with vegan Parm instead. A really easy, fool-proof way to meal plan is to just plan a specific meal type for each day of the week.

  • Crispy tater tots layered onto the top of a delicious mixture of cheesy ground beef and veggies.
  • Try the show-stopping tomato pie, stuffed zucchini, or a summer pasta made with fresh pesto.
  • Honey in the marinade helps give the chop a caramelized crust, which pairs perfectly with the side of vinegary cucumbers.
  • This dish features broiled salmon that’s buttery, flaky, and won’t stink up your kitchen.

It’s not too spicy, but it definitely has the right amount of kick to it. Get everyone excited for a chicken dinner with these Wingstop-inspired garlic parmesan chicken wings. The chicken is rubbed with spices and served in warm tortillas. It’s accompanied by the usual taco toppings such as pico de gallo, avocadoes, cilantro, and freshly squeezed lime juice. Garlic Butter Salmon Pasta – This rich dish is perfect to serve for date night or a special occasion! It’s a crowd-pleaser even for those who don’t love fish.

Chicken and Dumplings

For our part, these healthy dinner ideas rely on whole foods – no processed ingredients included – for clean eating. Cod broils quickly in this healthy dinner recipe that’s done in only … Read More

50+ Easy Last Minute Dinner Ideas

Dinner Ideas

The cilantro seals the deal with a little herby bite. You can make it from scratch or get a little help from pre-made dough or sauce, and it comes together in 20 minutes. Instead of buying a jar of Alfredo sauce, make it from scratch with this simple recipe. The garlic aroma will call your family to the table.

Balsamic, nutritional yeast, and fresh sage round out its cozy, savory flavor. Blended white beans give it a wonderful creamy texture, and fresh lime juice and diced green chiles add zingy, zesty flavor. A refreshing mango salsa accents the meaty, jerk-spiced jackfruit filling. These simple veggie tacos are such a fun, healthy dinner!

Peanut Butter Blossoms Cookie Recipe

Her work has appeared in Taste of Home, Food & Wine, Better Homes & Gardens and The Culture Trip. “So good! I’ve been making bread for years now, and this is the quickest, best-tasting bread you will find.” “This was so easy and delicious! All we had to do was sprinkle with some salt and pepper and chow down.” “I have never in my born days had such tempting, tantalizing and tremendous tasting rice! You MUST wash the rice. It absolutely does make a difference.” “I won’t be buying the bottled sauce anymore! The sauce is nice and thick, and I like the sausage in the sauce.” “This has become my go-to potato recipe. There is not a single person I have made it for that doesn’t LOVE them. Can’t go wrong with … Read More

350+ Easy Dinner Recipes

Dinner Ideas

Use whichever veggies are in the garden , from squash to potatoes, peppers to carrots, broccoli to beans. Try this creamy spinach pasta recipe, starring chewy al dente pasta and an irresistible Parmesan garlic cream sauce! The way the creamy sauce and garlic accentuate the leafy greens makes it one of our topvegetarian pasta recipesto date. Using canned beans makes it possible to whip up this tasty soup in 30 minutes.

  • Fresh cilantro sprigs add color and a fresh taste just before serving.
  • If you’ve never had grilled pizza , you’re missing out.
  • One thing you’ll notice is that some of these recipes are traditional and authentic, having been passed down from my Italian family.
  • Seafood Thai Coconut Soup is an easy and healthy appetizer or entree using scallops, shrimp, vegetables and a red curry coconut broth.
  • Celebrate summer with this veggie-forward pasta dish.

Add veggies and drizzle with creamy chipotle ranch dressing. Let the slow cooker do the work of making dinner while you go about your day. This pot roast is super flavorful, thanks to the addition of a packet of dried onion soup mix.

Corn Salad

The beans and artichokes are a great way to sneak in veggies, especially if you have little ones. The best thing about this cozy dish is that it can be modified depending on what you have in your pantry, making it an easy budget meal. All you need is some pasta, canned beans, stock and whatever veggies you want to include. … Read More