Bon Appétit: The Dining Room Zone at Bellavista’s Exhibitor Booth at iSaloni 2019

In a modern home, a dining room is at least as important as a living room or a bedroom. How could it be otherwise? Your breakfasts and lunches (not to mention romantic dinners for two) will be more delicious if you eat them sitting at a nice dining table on a comfortable dining chair. Besides, it’s common knowledge that any food will be much more healthful if you enjoy your meal. 

Moreover, people who eat with relish get more pleasure from life. Do you agree with this? If you enjoy living well, you most likely do.

Bellavista Collection’s showcase at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2019 was all about living well. Ever since 1980s, the entire world knows that ‘living well’ is ‘dolce vita’ in Italian. That’s the very idea of Bellavista’s 2019 collection of Italian luxury furniture displayed at iSaloni this April.  

Bellavista’s exhibition stand at the Salone resembled an apartment, divided into several zones, sophisticatedly furnished with the showpieces. Generally speaking, the booth looked like a dream of an apartment – with a dream of a bedroom, living room, and a dining room.

The dining zone of Bellavista’s both was clearly visible from the central passageway, so passers-by could see it – and many of them dropped in.

The area included a dining table, two types of chairs around it, two sideboards, and a chandelier hanging over the entire ensemble.

QUATTRO PASSI table stood in the center and dominated the dining zone. Designed in 2019, this remarkable item was presented to the public at the Salone for the first time. Its wooden top and four legs were veneered with ebony – Bellavista’s one of the most favorite materials. The details at the ends of its legs were made of aluminum, with GOLD finish, which is among the newly adopted ones. 

On a table, there was an item that turned visitors’ heads at least as effectively as the table itself. It was IPPO – a fancy-looking cast brass tray for candles, decorated with figures of bathing and walking hippopotamuses.  

The two types of chairs round the table looked differently but harmonized with one another and the table really well.

The newly designed BRISTOL chair looked exceptionally elegant thanks to the combination of dark wood (solid moka-stained beech) and light-colored leather upholstery. It was clear from the first sight that this chair was equally beautiful and comfortable. It had partly upholstered arms and a knob at the back, which helps to move the chair easily. The brass knob with antique bronze finish looked so good that it served kind of a decoration, in addition to its utilitarian function. 56 centimeters (22 inches) wide and 65.7 centimeters (25.9 inches) deep, it looks like a super-compact armchair. It seems that this dining chair can well be placed at a writing desk – so cozy it is.  

Like BRISTOL, KATE chair was upholstered in leather, but its color was blue. This item wasn’t actually a novelty: it had already been shown in Salone … Read More

Bali Black Lavastone Tiles at Jewel Changi Airport Singapore

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If the airport is usually just a place that is passed before or after a trip, Jewel Changi Airport comes with various attractive facilities and innovations that make it a separate tourist destination. When you are in various interesting spots at Jewel Changi Airport, you will find natural decorations of rock that are on the wall and also various other places, do you know that those stones are black lava stone? If you are interested in beautiful lava stone you can find it by searching for complete information on “Stone Depot

The black lava stone that is the material at Jewel Changi Airport is “Bali Black Lavastone” black lava stone imported from Bali, which is lava stone found after the great mountain eruption in Bali, this black lava stone has become one of the natural stone choices used as Material design in various world-famous places as material for wall decorations in buildings or home walls in various countries, “Bali Black Lavastone Tiles” are widely used for decoration on walls and aquascape.

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Interesting spots at Changi Jewel Airport

Jewel Changi Airport has an area of ​​around 440,000 square meters, in which there are also parks, outlets, and shops. Also, there are 3 Jewel Changi Airport spots that you must visit when you are at the airport, namely:

Rain Vortex

With a height of 40 meters, Rain Vortex is the highest indoor waterfall in the entire world. Upon entering the Jewel, it is this waterfall that will welcome you. If during the daytime this waterfall looks magnificent and beautiful, at night Rain Vortex is also as beautiful as Light & Sound Show which will take place every day from around 8 pm to around midnight.

Forest Valley

Forest Valley is an indoor forest consisting of 4 levels, with 900 trees and 60,000 other plants from all over the world.

Canopy Park

This garden area includes several other Jewel Changi Airport attractions, which are very suitable as a play area for all ages, here you can also enjoy the beauty of flowers entertained with dioramas of tropical animals of their original size.

If you are interested in getting info about various natural stones that can be used as material and design as well as more complete information you can find it in “Indonesia Natural Volcanic Stone Tiles“.… Read More

When Should You Hire a Property Management Company?

Investing in real estate is a huge commitment but it can be profitable if you manage your properties correctly. There are many things that go into managing real estate such as collecting rent, advertising property, maintenance on property, customer satisfaction and advertising empty units to potential renters. All of these things are very important if you want your property to be successful but this may be too much for you to handle if you don’t live where your investment property is or if you have multiple properties or other business ventures. One simple solution that will help you tremendously is to hire a property management company. Let’s look in detail how hiring a property management company can benefit you and help maximize your profit and save you precious time.

Collecting Rent

A property manager will collect the rent from your tenants every month. They will be able to keep track of every tenant’s payments and collect any late fees that are due. In the event that a tenant doesn’t pay they will also handle all of the eviction papers and notices for you. A property management company will also be able to create a website for your property and also give your tenants the convenient option of paying online. Once all of the rent is collected they will be able to deposit the money in the appropriate account.


Any time you have rental property there is going to be regular and routine maintenance such as lawn care and pool cleanings and a property manager will be able to manage these types of vendors and services that your property needs. They will be able to negotiate the contracts with these vendors to get you the best price which will ultimately save you money at the end of the year. There are also maintenance issues that will arise on a daily basis from your tenants such as a leaky faucet, broken air conditioner or an overflowing toilet. The property manager will be onsite to field the maintenance calls from your tenants and forward them to your maintenance personnel on staff to be fixed in a timely manner. Having maintenance issues fixed as soon as possible is important because if they are left unfixed then it could potentially cause more damage to the property which means more money to fix.

Keeping Your Property Full

A property management company will advertise your property through different outlets such as billboards, social media, home rental websites and more to keep your property full of tenants. Without tenants, your property won’t be profitable so it’s important that you keep as many units rented as possible. The property manager will also screen your tenants, verify employment and perform a background check to make sure they are qualified to live on the property. They have multiple resources to help them do these things thoroughly and quickly so it keeps the rental process moving for potential tenants.

Hiring a property management company will help you keep your property full … Read More

Childhood Memory of Decor Turns into Stylish Unknown Window Look

Growing up in Florida, there was some things that were just universally shared by everyone in the area. How to deal with hurricanes and window shutters. I can’t think of a single home that I ever went to in my town that didn’t have those wide blinds with the lever in the middle to open and close the blinds. Oddly enough, I had no idea how central to some locations these shutters were until I was talking to a friend who was needing new blinds in her home.

I had went with my friend to a few home stores looking for blinds and window treatments. My friend was in the market to spice up her kitchen and was looking for ideas. We had started talking and I told her since her kitchen was more of a rustic, farmhouse look she should get the blinds that were huge in the 80s that every home had. She looked at me like I was crazy and asked “You want me to get blinds from the 80s?” and I told her no, but the style of them would be perfect for her kitchen. I described them to her and she had no clue what I was talking about. I ended up taking out my home and showing her the plantation shutters. She feel in love and said she had never seen shutters like that for the home. This started our search for these shutters in every home store we could find.

We ended up ordering some online from a retailer that had a huge selection. While looking for them, I learned that where she grew up in New York, they didn’t have blinds like that at all. They just had the cheap plastic ones or you just hung up a sheet. She loved the shutters I showed her and I told her how when I grew up, everyone in the neighbor hood had them. You were weird if you didn’t have them. We started asking around to other friends if they had the same blinds as her or as me and the results were interesting! Not many even knew what plantation shutters were, but when they were shown them they remember seeing them in older movies before.

I had no idea that something that I grew up with knowing and being huge part of my growing up was something that most of my friends have never seen in homes. These shutters are a huge part of my growing up and I am glad to know that there are friends who appreciate the look and style enough to go outside the box and get them for their own homes.… Read More

Importance of Knowing How to Shut off Your Water

Do you know how to shut off the water in your home? If you don’t, it is an important thing to know, especially in the case of an emergency. Your home has an emergency shut off valve for the water that supplies your home. It is important to always know where this is located and how to shut it off.

Why Do You Need to Shut Off the Water in Your Home?

There are many reasons you may need to turn off the water in your house such as a pipe burst, a backed up sewer drain, flooding or any other reason that causes water to enter your home. When you quickly shut off the water valve, this could help you save from a bigger disaster.

Where is the Shut Off Valve?

Of course, there are going to be different setups depending on your home. If your home has a basement, the water shut off valve will most likely be down there and probably located near the front foundation of the wall or where the water comes from, such as the floor. The valve is usually located three to five feet away from the main water entrance or near the water heater. If your home doesn’t have a basement, the shut off valve might be in a small crawl space like under the kitchen sink or even near the water heater. These are usually easily accessible.

How Do I Shut Off the Main Water Valve?

First, you need to know if the water valve has a round wheel or handle to shut it off.

If your valve is a round wheel, then you need to turn the handle to the right (clockwise). Keep in mind, you might need to do this two or more (full revolutions) to completely shut off the water.

If your water valve has a handle, all you need to do is turn it one quarter until it is parallel to the pipe.

Remember, after you turn off the water valve, turn on the sink or tub to relieve any water pressure. This also ensures that you have fully shut off the water. You might also want to shut off the power to any electric water heaters or boilers during an emergency. Put your gas water heater on pilot setting on the thermostat and shut off the gas if you end up draining the heater.

Rainforest Plumbing and Air

It is a good idea to talk with a plumber to make sure you properly know how to shut off your water valve. For the best plumbers Mesa AZ, Rainforest Plumbing and Air delivers stellar customer service with trustworthy technicians that know what they are doing. You can count on Rainforest Plumbing & Air to be available at all hours of the day and night to help with any plumbing or HVAC issues. It doesn’t matter if it is a commercial or residential building, Rainforest Plumbing & Air has the experienced Mesa plumbers AZ and tools to … Read More

Tips For Choosing a Roofing Contractor


When you are looking to choose an Omaha roofing contractor, there are a number of things that you will want to evaluate. It is important that you find a roofing contractor that meets your specific needs and who is also trustworthy. There are a few tips that you will want to follow in order to make sure that the roofing contractor you hire provides you with the best available service. Some of the tips on how to choose a roofing contractor include verifying their licenses, evaluating their reputation and making sure that they charge reasonable fees and are dependable. 


The first tip you should follow when choosing a roofing contractor is to make sure that they are licensed, bonded and insured. All legitimate contractors have this status including roofing contractors. You can find out about their licensing status by visiting their website, contacting them, or asking them in person. When looking to see if they are licensed, bonded and insured, you can also look at their business card as well. Since roof contracting is a very important service for your home, you will want to make sure that your roofing contractor is legally authorized to perform this service for you. 


Another tip to follow when hiring a roofing contractor is to make sure that they have a good reputation in the community. Any roofing contractor that you consider will need to have a good track record among other customers. You can find this out by visiting the web and checking out reviews of a particular roofing contractor. It will also benefit you to visit their website and look to read testimonials. With a good reputation, you will be certain that a roofing contractor will be one that provides good service, is ethical and is good to work with. 


Whenever you plan on using a roofing contractor, it will be in your best interest to make sure that they charge reasonable fees. While each roofing contractor may charge fees based on their experience and services, you will want to make sure that the one you use charges fees that are market rates. This means that the roofing contractor must charge fees that are comparable to other roofing contractors in your area. This will ensure that you never pay more than necessary to get the roofing services that you need. 


Any time you plan on using a roofing contractor, it will also be important to make sure that they offer the exact services that you need. While roofing contractors offer a variety of services, you will need to make sure that they are able to complete certain tasks that you need to be done for your roof. Making sure that they offer the services you need will enable you to work with a roofing contractor that will help enhance your home. 


When you decide to hire … Read More

Landlord’s Guide – Dubai Real Estate and Properties

Dubai is a city where everything is under the law and you can’t do anything without following the legal procedure assigned by the authorities. This is the main reason investors love to invest in real estate Dubai because they know that their property and money is secured.

To make life easier for landlord’s we have compiled a list of important questions that every property owner needs to know before renting out a property. If you need more information then you can contact any well-reputed property management company in dubai for in-depth details.

How to evict the tenant prior to expiry of tenancy period?

There are a few situations when proprietor can request ousting of inhabitant preceding expiry of occupancy period, for example, if inhabitant neglects to pay lease or uses the property for illicit exercises, etc. Typically, the majority of these cases stipulated in the tenure understanding and are the presence of mind.

In any case, the proprietor must know that if inhabitant won’t clear the property intentionally, the removal system could take from 3 to a half years. Proprietor of the rented property cannot simply change the locks or even go into the property without the assent of the inhabitant (it would be viewed as wrongdoing). Additionally, proprietor can not separate the utilities or in some other manner keep the occupant from utilizing the leased property.

Every one of the debates ought to have alluded to the Rental Dispute Settlement Center. The recording charge for a case is 3.5% of the rental and can’t be not exactly AED at least 500 than AED 20,000. What’s more, constrained removal is conceivable simply after judgment came into power.

For Dubai Real Estate consultancy you can contact with real estate company in Dubai that will surely guide you well in all kind of properties.

Can landlord refuse to renew the tenancy contract with the tenant?

Comprehensively: NO.

According to the law No.26 of 2007 (as changed by Law 33 of 2008), proprietor may request ousting of an endless supply of tenure contract just in four cases, especially:

● If the proprietor wishes to obliterate the property for remaking or to include new developments that keep the occupant from profiting by the rented property, gave that vital licenses are acquired.

● If the property requires to remodel or complete support which can’t be executed while inhabitant is possessing the property, gave that a specialized report issued by Dubai Municipality or licensed by it is to be submitted with this impact.

● If the proprietor of the property wishes to recuperate the property for use by him by and by or by his closest relative of first degree gave that he demonstrates that he doesn’t possess a reasonable elective property for that reason.

● If the proprietor of the property wishes to sell the rented property.

Also, in any of the above cases landowners must inform inhabitant with explanations behind expulsion, in any event, a year preceding the decided date of ousting subject that … Read More

Buyer’s Guide for Dubai Real Estate and Properties

There are numerous property inquiries related to real estate dubai market that needs to be answered in a professional way. Dubai real estate sector can’t get the proper growth, unless it eliminates the doubts that come into an investor mind. We have gathered a list of questions that investor demands clear cut answers.

There are numerous property inquiries related to real estate dubai market that needs to be answered in a professional way. Dubai real estate sector can’t get the proper growth, unless it eliminates the doubts that come into an investor mind. We have gathered a list of questions that investor demands clear cut answers.

I also think that property management companies unable to provide sufficient information that a buyer needs in order to purchase a property. There is no doubt that information is there but in a scattered way and it is difficult for the ordinary buyer to process all the information. That is we have summarized the most important questions that every client asks while inquiring about dubai real estate market.

What kind of taxes does the property owner need to pay?

The United Arab Emirates is an expense less nation so there are no assessments on property or on any pay produced off it. Be that as it may, the property proprietor is in charge of the yearly support expense and administration charge installments, which should be made to the administration organization employed by the proprietor’s affiliation. Installments are produced using between one to four times each year at a normal cost of AED10-AED30 per sq.ft, contingent upon the undertaking and administrations notwithstanding.

Could you describe the sales and purchase process?

In most cases, property purchase process follows the below-mentioned pattern:

● Buyer picks the property.

● Buyer and dealer sign the deals and buy understanding, where every one of the terms and states of the arrangement are referenced: the price tag, extra costs (office expense, move expense at the DLD, engineer’s charge, administration charge discount, and so on), the exchange date of the arrangement at the DLD, terms of installment and unmistakably characterized duties and punishments for the two gatherings on the off chance that they neglect to maintain the conditions set out in the understanding.

● On consenting to the arrangement, the purchaser pays the store. This is typically 10% of the price tag.

● The merchant applies for a no-complaint authentication (NOC) from the engineer so as to sell the property. The NOC is required for the exchange procedure at the DLD.

● Once the NOC is prepared, the purchaser and merchant can move the property and register it on the purchaser’s name. As a rule, installments should be set aside a few minutes of enrollment.

Can the property owner rent out the unit?

The guidelines, overseeing the connection between the landowner and the inhabitant, are characterized in Law No. 26 of 2007. According to the law, any property owner in Dubai can lease their unit. More often than not, the rental … Read More

Troubleshooting a Dishwasher that is Not Draining

Is your dishwasher not draining correctly? It is very tricky to pinpoint what is wrong with it because there are a lot of possible reasons, and some do not even involve the gadget itself. Sometimes, it will include problems with the gadget’s plumbing that need to be addressed before you replace or repair the unit.

Take note; you need to be aware that it’s normal for dishwashers to retain some water at the bottom of the tub after it completed a cycle. If your machine has a small pool, you need to check the owner’s manual to see if having a small amount of water in the tub is normal, if you can’t find the information in the manual, you can always call the manufacturer if you are having an issue with your dishwasher not draining.

Causes of the problem that are plumbing-related

It might be a surprise to anyone, but usually, drainage problems when it comes to dishwashers are actually because of the drain parts outside the appliance. To repair these, you need supplies and tools like assorted screwdrivers and wrenches, as well as air gap fittings if necessary. Not all the steps will be mentioned here needs to be completed. Continue reading to know the reason for the drainage problem of the dishwasher. If the issue is not discussed here, you can proceed to the gadget itself.

Check garbage disposal

Usually, the hose of the dishwasher drain is connected to the garbage disposal unit. When there is built up of food inside the garbage disposal, or when it is clogged, there is less space for the water to go. Run the disposal unit thoroughly with a lot of flowing water to clear the hose out. This method will fix the drainage problem of the appliance.

Want to know how dishwashers work? Visit to know more.

Clean its air gap

An air gap is the small cylinder on the back of the kitchen sink. By cleaning it and preventing air vacuums, it is made to avoid any drain water from going back to the dishwasher. If the water comes out of the air gap, when you run the dishwasher, there will be a blockage between the garbage disposal unit and the air gap.

To clear this blockage, remove the cap and clean the inside of the air gap. The next thing you need to do is disconnect the hose that runs from the nipple of the air gap to the disposal unit or sink drain, and you need to make sure that it’s not clogged.

Check its high-loop

If your unit does not have an air gap, the drain hose may be looped up, and it is attached to the unit’s bottom of the countertop near the kitchen sink. Although it is not code-compliant in most houses, the high-loop serves the same purpose as the unit’s air gap. It prevents drain water from going back to the dishwasher.

If the hose is loose, it is no longer … Read More

Want to buy air conditioning, consider these 7 things so as not to be mistaken

As we all know, the air temperature in cities feels hotter than in rural areas. This condition makes the use of air conditioner products a common thing.

However, some people often buy air conditioners without good consideration so they don’t suit their needs or even disappoint.

In the past, we only knew the function of AC, which is simply cooling the room, absorbing dust and dirt through the filter. However, AC products currently have a plus value and other functions, one of which is killing germs and bacteria.

Therefore, some important things about the AC specifications should we know before deciding to buy air conditioners. This helps you get the air conditioner as needed. Here are some things to consider before buying air conditioning.

1. Choose Power Saving AC

Most people are still tempted by AC at low prices and ignore the watt specifications in the air conditioner. Even though knowing the specifications is very important so that we can estimate the amount of costs for future use and maintenance.

Especially now that many AC manufacturers are promoting their products with their low watt claims. Although the air conditioner with low watt, of course does not affect the performance in cooling the room.

One of the technologies used in low wattage AC is the presence of an inverter feature. The advantage with this technology is to cool the room does not require a long time.

Then, compared to other AC’s the first pull of electricity on the AC that has this feature is also lower.

2. Consider the impact of air conditioning on health

The development of the era is increasingly sophisticated, especially regarding technology in any field. Likewise with AC. This air conditioner is increasingly taking into account various aspects of life.

One of the considerations before using AC is seen from the aspect of health.

Today, several AC manufacturers have complemented their products with Plasma cluster technology.

This innovation claims that it can kill bacteria and viruses in the room. Of course this is suitable for those of you who prioritize health in the home. So, even though air conditioners with plasma clusters have more expensive prices, you can reconsider choosing this air conditioner.

3. Room Area

Before buying air conditioning, pay attention to the size of the room that you will install the cooler. The size of the bedroom is certainly different from the use of the living room.

This certainly will affect the size of the PK so that the cold temperature of the air conditioner can be spread evenly throughout the room.

4. Select the type of air conditioner as needed

Before deciding to buy air conditioning, make sure that the brand will be purchased first. It is important that the AC purchased is more effective and efficient. There are several types of air conditioners on the market, namely types of central air conditioners, split air conditioners or standard type air conditioners.

If central AC functions to cool the entire room with a wider size. … Read More