Designing your daughter’s room can be a big nightmare.

It solely depends on your daughter’s theme and personal preferences that might depend on her age at the time.

One of the important goals while putting together a girl’s bedroom, is to come up with a design that entails elements that your daughter might still like as she grows older.

These elements that ought to last for a long time could include furniture such as beds, drawers, and wardrobes.

Another important aspect is that we need to focus on getting neutral colors or toned down hues as wallpapers or paintings.

This is because not all girls are girly girls. Besides, as they get older, the bright screaming colors they liked when they were younger might slowly become irritating.

With that, let us take a look at some design ideas you could implement while coming up with a design aesthetic for your daughter’s bedroom.


Create an interesting fun feature with the wallpaper that your daughter might grow into as she becomes older.

Think of a simple pattern that your daughter will dream about helping snow white and the seven dwarfs at the same time when she hits her teenage years, listen to Ed Sheehan while gazing at it.

Go for low hues and tan colors. Still bright enough for your young daughter but also youthful and mature for her when she becomes a teenager.

Be sure to pick up minimalistic, playful colors and patterns that will easily adapt to new themes within your daughter’s room even as she hits her youthful years.


You don’t need me to remind you how much girls like to own and have a lot of stuff every time. From clothes to toys to accessories, all of them.

This is why adding extra storage to your girl’s room is functional and at the same time brings up its aesthetic value.

Build shelves on your walls to add more storage areas where you can keep her books and toys.

Install creative storage compartments behind her doors where she can place her toys or art supplies.

Get stylish bins that match the theme of the room to accentuate the feel within the room and at the same time help the room remain tidy and organized by having an extra storage area.

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Art Gallery.

No matter what your daughter’s age is, you can create a space on her bedroom wall where you could put up some pictures.

These pictures should represent your daughter’s personality, be it cute and bubbly or dark and science-related, all of them would bring together the design elements of your daughter’s room together, without a doubt.

So make sure to easily elevate the look of your daughter’s room with wall pictures and paintings that well represent your daughter’s personality.

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Bright Colour.

There is a big possibility that your daughter will long for nothing else but a bright pink painted wall in her bedroom.

Instead of conceding to her wants, pick up a blush shade or a vibrant coral that will satisfy her burst of pink craving at the same time hopefully last into her youthful years due to the versatility of these colors.

You can easily add wall stickers to break down the outstanding bright colors.

These will bring your daughter’s wall into life with some of her favorite characters and at the same time remain minimal and aesthetic.

You can peel down the wall stickers with time and include different elements on the wall to suit your daughter’s style and preference as she grows older.


It is fair to say there we have covered several ways that you can get around your young daughter’s cravings for bright colors and princess themes.

Make sure to utilize some of these creative ideas and keep your daughter’s room pretty as it represents her personality at the same time ensuring most of the design features span throughout her lifetime.

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