Don’t you hate that dripping sound from your faucet late at night? You can hear it across the entire house, right? It comes a time when you can’t ignore those small problems with your water line. So you think to yourself – this is an easy job, I should just use the pliers and tighten the screws a little more. Then boom, the whole faucet explodes and you get a flooded floor.

That means you should never try to undertake action on your own. It may look like an easy job but most of the time you can only make greater damage than fixing it. So what facilities and amenities are most likely to get damaged and how will you know you need to hire a plumber?


Faucets often get damaged and water starts dripping from the head. This is completely normal especially in models that are built cheaper. Yes, the fixing is simple, but you need to have proper tools and experience to fix it.


Just like faucets, showers too get damaged often. Depending on the quality, this can happen very fast after you install them or go as far as 5-6 years. Of course, the manufacturers guarantee that they will last a long time, but this is the reality. Most of the time you won’t need to buy new shower heads or other equipment connected to it. A simple look from the plumber will be enough. This will also probably cost you less than buying a new one.


Sewers get clogged for a number of reasons. The only thing you can do in this case is trying to fix it with a plunger. If this is not working you might have something stuck in the sewer that is causing the problem. Call the professional plumbing service.

Water heaters

Most of the heaters work on electricity and as you know, electricity and water is a deadly combination. That’s why you should never try to do anything on your own when water heaters are in question.

In-floor heaters

If you see a wet spot on the floor and heating is not working properly or it isn’t working at all, it means you have a problem with the floor heating. Usually, the floor heating is made completely of water pipes, and you need the plumbing service for it. Be aware that there will be some digging on the floor which is not pleasant at all. However, it must be done if you don’t like freezing during the winter. To know more before installing floor heaters, check this out: 


The toilet is the place where lots of garbage goes in. Sometimes the sewage pipes might be too small and just a little is enough to clog them. If this happens you’ll see how the water refuses to go through the toilet bowl. Don’t worry, usually, the problem is easily fixable if you have a long drain clog remover.


Problems with pipes are among the most serious ones. If you notice a wet wall or dripping from the ceiling but you can’t find the place where the water comes from, it means you probably have a damaged plumbing system that is leaking. Aside from the professional team of plumbers, you’ll need an additional contractor that will make the place look like it was previously. Broken pipes are a very serious thing and unless you act fast, the damage might become even bigger.


Vanities are a must in every bathroom. There are more different kinds of vanities and sometimes people don’t like what they own in the bathroom. They want a different and better kind. Some of them face problems with the existing ones – it leaks from somewhere or the wood has become damaged. Whatever the problem is, this is a job for the plumbers. Order what you like from the menu and let the pros do the rest of their job.


As you can see, everything connected with water and pipes is a job for the plumbers. Never try to fix the problems around your house on your own unless you’re a professional in the field. (Click here to read on what you need to know when hiring plumbers.)  This is a tricky business and chances are great you might create a bigger problem.

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