Birthdays are exciting at any age, yet, for some people, they are a little less thrilling as we get older. You may feel inclined to celebrate less as you add one more year to your age, and as such, it’s up to your loved ones to make sure that you celebrate properly. 


After all, each year of your life is a new milestone and cherished accomplishment. Making it over the age of 70 is something to be celebrated! So, if you’re planning a birthday party for your senior family member, here are some of the best tips for making it a memorable one.

Make it Personal

The more personalized you can make the celebration, the better. Add a unique flair to their birthday party that reflects their personality. Make it a theme about their favorite hobby, or decorate cherished memories throughout the space that remind them of how far they’ve come in their life. Make it nostalgic and heartwarming. The more you can do that, the more honored you’ll make your loved one feel, because you’ve put extra thought into it.

Consider Accessibility

When choosing the venue for your birthday party, it’s important that you consider accessibility. Chances are your loved one is not going to be the only senior there, so you may have people with mobility issues. You want to avoid too many stairs, and of cours, make sure that there’s adequate and comfortable seating for everyone. Comfort is important at any age, however, as a senior, comfort is even more important to consider.

Choose The Right Entertainment

Since your senior loved one comes from another era, you want to be careful about choosing entertainment. Even though a DJ playing club music may be the perfect choice for you and your friends, it may not have the same effect on someone over a certain age. Choose entertainment that is age-appropriate and something they’ll enjoy. Perhaps a live band, or even a slideshow full of memories of their life.  In other words, choose entertainment that resonates with your guest of honor.

Remember Food and Drink 

What kind of party would it be without the right food and drink options? Make sure that you choose all sorts of yummy options for all sorts of different preferences.  From vegetarian options to alcoholic drinks to soft drinks, the more variety you can give your food and beverage choices, the more not only your guest of honor will enjoy the party, but also your guests. If you’re strapped for budget, consider inviting everyone to bring one drink and a dish.  That way there’s more than enough for everybody without too much pressure on one single person.