It’s moving time. Going to live in a new place is thrilling but overcoming all the difficulties until you get there is very stressful. We all love the change in our lives and this is definitely one of the biggest. See here how to handle the stress. 

The process of getting everything from one home to another can be a huge problem if you don’t know how to do it right. So, here’s a list of tips that will get you through it.

1. Book a moving company with time

A very important tip is hiring a professional team of movers with time. The spring and the summer are the two seasons when the movers are fully booked. If you’re planning to use this time of the year, be sure that last minute search will only leave you with nothing.

Book a company the first moment you know the exact dates when you’re living the old and going to the new home. Another great thing about hiring early is that you usually get a discount for early booking. Moving is expensive, so you should save every dollar.

Hiring the right company is also a challenge of its own. You can’t hire the first one you see in the phone book. Some are good and some are bad. Some are expensive, some are fairly affordable. The way they do business is also important. Since they’ll have access to all your belongings, you need to know who you’ll entrust with this important job. Look up some hiring tips before you pay anyone.

2. Pack like a pro

Packing is everything in this case. Once you start packing you’ll realize that you own a lot more things than you thought. Organizing everything and packing in boxes is very important. Do it by making a thorough plan about what goes in what box. This will help you in both packing and later in unpacking.

For example, mark all the belongings from the kitchen in one color, let’s say green. Simply place a post-it sticker with green color and write on it what’s in the box. The items from the toilet can be blue. The living room things can be brown, etc.

This will help you recognize where are the things you need at the moment after you moved, but will also help the guys from the moving company to know which box goes in which room. This is much better than have everything in the living room and then play guess where the spoons are.

3. Make a plan for the new place

Before you move, it’s wise to visit the new place a couple of times and make a plan for your future living there. You might not like the idea of making plans too early, but because of practical reasons you need to make this decision so you don’t have to unpack everything and then realize that some room isn’t fit to be your bedroom, for example. A lot of people follow the Feng Shui style, so maybe you can try it yourself. See more about Feng Shui here:

Analyze and realize which one will be the bedroom, which will be your office and what will be the living room. The kitchen, baths and closets are pretty much the same everywhere and will be easy not to mix them.

4. Don’t keep the garbage

When packing in the place you’re about to leave, you’ll find a lot of things that were unused for a long time. These things can often take as much as 10 boxes. An amount of 10 boxes can mean hiring a bigger truck which means spending more money.

If you haven’t used that silly sweater with Santa Cause application for 3 years, you probably won’t used it ever again. Give it to charity. You make a good deed, save yourself from trouble and save money on expenses.

5. Clean-up before you go

Moving is the perfect time to clean-up everything. Packing everything in boxes will open a lot of unused space in all rooms. You’ll find dust, dirt, forgotten and lost things all around the house. It will be a mess much or less.

This is the perfect time to clean-up yourself or take all the rugs, big blankets and things that are not cleaned regularly to the cleaners. Some of them offer the option to take what needs to be cleaned and deliver them to another address. Explore this possibility.

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