Let’s face it, it’s difficult to light up your spa gazebo. What exactly is the proper way to instill some light into your backyard structure? Will fluorescent lights do? Possibly. although with such a compact space, it might prove to be too bright. How about Christmas lights (known as “fairy lights” when it’s not the holidays)? Though pretty,  they may not be bright enough to let you see inside the space during the night. And when all else fails, you can always trust candles to light your way! Though they’re a bit of a fire hazard, candles can light up any space with just the right brightness and mood.


How exactly should you go about lighting candles inside your home gazebo? Well, there’s a number of ways. Fortunately, many of them allow you to be versatile and not have to make their set-up too permanent. And it’s always key to remember that, when lighting your home gazebo with candles, the mood is very important. Here are just some great ways on how you can do it.


Old-School Chandelier


This may seem a little far-fetch for you, but hear it out. An old-school chandelier, one where you light candles up on the ceiling with long sticks, is practically one of the safest ways you can incorporate candles in your home gazebo. Not to mention they’re extremely beautiful. They’ll light your entire structure up without any risk of it burning down the ground. Just remember to always take the flames out before you leave. Also, it’s always better if you have some extra stored inside the gazebo in case one melts away.


Floating Lights


Admit it, the one thing you’d want to place inside your home gazebo is a big hot tub. There’s nothing to be ashamed about it; it’s common for home gazebos to house jacuzzi pools. But when it comes to lighting the structure, try to go for floating lights. This will work best when you have a hot date. The somber lighting of the floating candles would create the perfect intimate mood for a romantic dip in the jacuzzi. What’s more, it’s bound to be a great snapshot for your social media too!


The Scented Variety


More often than not, home gazebos are built to become personal spas. If you don’t want to go all the way to a luxury resort and pay for their expensive services, a home spa in your gazebo is a great alternative. And when it comes to lighting it, you’d want to tone it down a bit so you can relax. The best option for such are scented candles. They’ll not only light up your space just right, but they’ll also promote aromatherapy for your soothing needs!


Lighted Corners


Ever been to baroque churches and saw those sculpted angels on the pillars holding up candles? Well, you can actually do that exact same thing in your home gazebo. No, you don’t have to sculpt angels to light your corners with candles (though if you want, go ahead!), you’ll only need to build a few stands against the wall to ensure that your candles will stay secure. When they’re sturdy enough, go for the bigger candles that’ll really produce a bright flame. Just make sure it fits in your stand or else an accident is bound to happen!


Set by the Windows


When you have windows in your home gazebo, they’ll also be great places to set your candles on to light up the home feature. Firstly, they’ll be less of a fire hazard because they’ll be nearer to the outside. Once you detect a dangerous spark, you can instantly take it out with the garden hose. Second, windowsills can be the sturdy flat surface upon which you can securely set your candles on, even when you just use wax to put them in place. And finally, wouldn’t lighted-up windows look so nice?


Sacred Altars


And speaking of church-like features, why not build an altar in your gazebo too? You can transform it into your own personal chapel, mini-mosque, or even a yoga studio wherein you can find peace with your faith. Build yourself an altar or even just a shrined where you can place all sorts of candles, possibly both scented and not, to light up your home gazebo. It doesn’t have to be big either, just a nice shrine in the corner where all the light sources can come from. Home gazebos are perfect places to pray and worship, no matter your religion!


Illuminated Pathway


You’ve been so focused on lighting up the inside of your home gazebo, you might forget the outside. Fortunately, placing candles around it is also a great lighting and decorating idea. When the sun sets and everything has darkened, you can place your lighted candles onto the path leading up to your gazebo. Use only small candles; big ones for such will look awkward and slightly creepy. Apart from the exterior of your gazebo, this will also light up the rest of your backyard, so it’s a win-win situation!


Organized Bonfire


Picture it, you and your family in the dead of winter cozying up to each other in your home gazebo. Isn’t that a pretty sight? But what about light and warmth? What’s the best way to have both inside your backyard structure? A bonfire, of course! Though if you put candles in the mix, it’ll be a more organized bonfire that wouldn’t be that much of a fire hazard. Go for a few big candles, place them in a secure area in the middle of your gazebo, and get ready to warm up and roast marshmallows during winter!


Keep Away from Wood


This is more of an important rule when it comes to incorporating candles into your home gazebo. Never, under any circumstances, place your candles near too much wood. You may place them on a wooden stand, near your wooden window, or on the pathway to your wooden gazebo. But when it’s too close for comfort around several wooden entities, it’ll be difficult to put out possible flames. To ensure your safety, don’t put too much wood near your candles!


You might think that candles and gazebos don’t mix, but you’re wrong. As long as you about them safely and strategically, candles can light up your home gazebo better than any electric appliance or feature!


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