Nourison To Use Rugs As A New Fine Art Medium

Nourison is linking up with fine artist Lida Sherafatmand to launch a limited-edition collection of area rugs featuring her “florescence” concept. The concept is centered on actual flowers as the base of her paintings.

The limited-edition collection would consist of four hand-made area rugs made from parts of Sherafatmand’s work. These four paintings are When Miracles Happen, Door to Blessings. Pulses of Love, Surrogating Raindrops

The collection would be launching this coming week and the Nourison’s HQ.

Speaking of her work, Sherafatmand said, she has always loved painting. Since her debut in 1997, she has since exhibited her work across 20 countries. She has done over 25 solo exhibitions and 60 collective shows.

She said, “I have a strong conviction that art can help us connect better with reality.” She added that she partnered with Nourison to “engage her art better with society.”

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Art Guild To Present A Demonstration At Stillwater Art Guild

Dr. Bob Plamer, one of the world’s most recognized muralist, will be presenting a demonstration at the Stillwater Art Guild’s.

His influence in and around the muralist world is well recognized. He has heralded projects in regions ranging from Canada to Eastern Europe. He has championed projects from schools to town halls, and even churches.

The next scheduled Stillwater Art Guild’s meeting would be at the Sheerar Center Auditorium.

One of Bob’s recent project is at the Bass Pro Shops in Bricktown, Oklahoma City.

Bob has always been known for his stance in promoting local art. He has been known to give back to places that wouldn’t have been recognized by other ventures, and in doing so, his works helps to bring a particular brand of uniqueness and style to the place.

It is a testament to Dr Palmer that a bulk of his work can be found in Yale, Drumright, Norman, and more.

Dr. Palmer is a renowned educator, and he is still taking out time to teach other artists and educators during workshops.

He has been recognized for his work over the years, and he has received a host of awards including the Outstanding Educator for Higher Education award in 2000. Other notable awards include receiving the Preservation Award-Edmond Historical Society and Oklahoma Art Educator of the year back in 2007.

Some of his portfolio includes work done at, The Will Rogers World Airport, Special Care St. Anthony Hospital and Psychiatric Ward, among others.

The Stillwater Art Guild’s meeting is open to the general public. However, non-member guests would have to pay a $5.

Decorative Paintings West Palm Beach

Jacques PATEAU and Martine PARACHINI PATEAU are both French nationals who have followed the traditional path of French decorative painting: A decorative painting school, then 3 years of apprenticeship, followed by over 10 years at the renowned Benard Daugert Company. After 15 years of honing their skills at the service of elite clientele and famous European designers, they moved to the U.S and opened their West Palm Beach ” EUROPEAN DÉCOR” Studios in 1990.

Barbara Carrasco’s Landmark Piece

Barbara Carrasco’s 80-foot mural is being shown at Union Station in downtown LA. It was 27 years ago, in 1987, to be precise that the original piece was commissioned, after which it was censored by the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) of the city of Los Angeles.

“The censorship by the CRA meant, Barbara had to store her mural for the day she could showcase the world,” said Jessica Hough, curator, and Director of Exhibitions, California Historical Society.

“Artists such as Barbara have had their pieces withheld, and have not had the opportunity to showcase and integrate their work to the society,” said Hough. “This mural, in particular, has not been seen by most people. This amazing work of art perfectly encapsulates the failures and success that defines humanity.”

The mural in question consists of 43 panels containing 51 scenes, providing a take on the history of L.A. The CRA asked if Carrasco would remove 14 of the scenes, citing that the mural focused on the negative more than the positives. The mural was meant to hang on the outside of a McDonald’s on Broadway in downtown L.A.

Carrasco was unwilling to bend to the demands of the CRA and refused to paint over her piece, and thus the project was canceled. The mural was housed at Cesar Chavez’s compound for 10 years. The mural was later displayed at the Union Station in 1990. Carrasco’s sister served as the muse. The mural focused on the experiences of marginalized groups living in L.A.

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“The iconic thing about this mural is that it started a public fight to keep the integrity of my work, and preserve copyright,” Carrasco said.

“People keep asking me why didn’t I just remove some of the images as asked. Well, I tell them if I do that, then it is no longer my work. But as artists and muralists, we are representations of the community, and this mural has history tied to it. Everything on this mural is backed by history,” she adds.

Carrasco is a Chicana artist, and at the young age of 62, she is an activist who lives and works in L.A. Her mural questions cultural stereotypes spanning from race, sexuality, and gender.

Carrasco’s works have been recognized across the nation. The documentation of her work has been archived in the California Murals Collection at the Smithsonian Institution.

There is already a movement within the arts community to find a permanent residence for Carrasco’s mural. For Carrasco, her mural serves as a voice for people who can’t tell their story.