The Legal Impact And Paternity Of DNA

Even if there is a great impact in medicine in regards to the discovery of DNA, there is still a number of similar significance on its contribution in other areas. There is a great impact on a lot of families and children all across the world when it comes to the cases of paternity. By the assessment of DNA, there will be a great impact on the life of a child and his or her upbringing because there will be an identification on the paternity of that child.

Forensics and the impact of DNA
DNA is very important especially in the area of forensic science. Because of the discovery of DNA, it would be a lot easier to know if a person is guilty or innocent over a crime that was reportedly committed by a person. This would mean that even if the crime has a lack of sufficient evidence, the real perpetrator of the crime that was committed will still be determined because of the discovery of DNA. Another significant impact about the discovery of DNA on forensic science is the ability to know the identity of the victim even if the condition of the victim is not recognizable by his or her family or friends. That is the reason why the discovery of DNA has a great impact in the whole field of forensic science. The impact of DNA in the field of forensic science is felt in the contribution to a more accurate security on the society and the whole system of criminal justice.

The connection of DNA in agriculture
There is now a possibility for breeders to conduct a breeding of certain kinds of animals with better resistance to some diseases and this is greatly impacted on the discovery of DNA in regards to the field of agriculture. This would also mean that the developing countries can now have a more higher survival rate in regards to their population because the farmers can now produce a wide array of nutritious food crops that will be supplied to the people that are living in that particular country. This will solve the problem of micronutrients deficiencies in a number of countries across the world.

The importance of DNA continues

While there is a important significance in the discovery of DNA in the modern world, it will still continue to impact the number of important fields in the society today like the agriculture, paternity, forensics, medicine and many more. The researches and studies regarding the evolving areas of DNA will always have a progress and continued interests and funding since it would always have a relevant impact on the new discoveries and innovations that will be made possible especially in the modern age of the world today.

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