In Australia, gas log heater sets provide adequate warmth in residential properties. The systems are built into the walls or set up in a freestanding heater casing. Property owners order the heaters based on their preferences and aesthetic benefits. A local distributor provides the heating systems and installations.

What are Gas Log Sets?

The sets include gas burners that are covered by ceramic imitation firewood. Typically, the firewood is created from a fireproof resin or cement with ceramic overlay or fibers. A grate is also included in the packaging to give homeowners a more authentic look. The casing for the gas log heaters is similar to a wood burning fireplace. The set operates on propane or natural gas to distribute heat throughout the property.

Is a Professional Installation Required?

Yes, all gas log heater sets must be installed by a professional. The contractor must be certified and understand all building regulations and codes. Gas lines must be inspected after the overall installation to ensure that there aren’t any leaks. All fire safety regulations are followed during the installation if a certified contractor performs the installation.

Do the Gas Log Sets Require Regular Maintenance?

The homeowner will need to clean the vents and any debris that accumulates inside the heater. The heater should be inspected each year by a trained professional. A certified contractor can perform the inspections and any services that are required to optimize performance levels. Homeowners need to install a carbon monoxide detector to prevent dangerous emissions that could threaten the homeowner and their family.

What Homeowners Should Know When Choosing a Heater Type

The propane gas log heater sets require the installation to include a pilot light and appropriate connections. The natural gas heaters require the installation of city gas lines underneath the property running to the heater. The size of the heater will determine the appropriate ventilation installations and surrounding features.

In Australia, gas log heater sets provide the illusion of a real fire. The systems look like a real fireplace, but they don’t present the safety issues related to an open fire. Property owners who want to purchase a new gas log heater can contact illusion fires directly and schedule an appointment today.