A paint sprayer has advantages that go beyond the abilities of conventional painting aids like rollers or brushes.

Construction experts say that a sprayer is up to 10 times faster than a brush as well as 4 times faster than a roller. While these two have the obvious benefit of coming in at a cheaper price point, sprayers are far more efficient overall.

In addition, due to the atomized nature of the paint sprayer, it can convert liquid paint into a mist, which gives a mirror-like, flawless look over surfaces that are uneven, for example, window areas.

Finally, you can use paint sprayers in tight spaces because of their flexibility. If you are looking around, below are some clues on selecting the best paint sprayer.

Nature of the Project

The scope of what you are trying to do will define your needs. If you are looking for a sprayer that you intend to use for one quick job and never again, then you could go for the very basic sprayers. They do not cost that much and they get the job done pretty impressively.

If you intend to use it on a highly complex project that goes well into the future, you will find it more beneficial to go with a high end type model that can stand the test of time as well as the challenge of intensive use. For the most part, the higher end the model you select will provide you higher quality, more features and cleaner professional result.

Paint Capacity

You do not want to keep refilling the sprayer after every few minutes, as it destroys your rhythm and consistency and generally just wastes your time. After all, part of your entire point of using a sprayer is to lessen the time you have to spend on the job. A large hopper is good.

However, if you are painting for long stretches of time, you might need to consider looking for a type that comes with a can. Since at some point you will have to move the unit around, while making sure you do not go over the top with the can capacity. If you really do need a large paint volumes per fill, it will be best to consider getting a container that’s a backpack or unit that has wheels.


It all depends what the unit can do for you. You do not want to be constantly buying new supplies every time you have a new project. Some sprayers may be okay when you are working on the windows and become an absolute nightmare when you have to work on complicated projects like ceiling painting.

There are other hard to reach places that will require some degree of sophistication from the sprayer you use. To avoid buying a new unit for each job you are going to take on, make sure you select an option that will be able to handle multiple job types if you know you will be using the unit for different types of projects. . Remember, selecting the best paint sprayer hinges on the precise nature of your requirements overall.

Factor in the Need for Spare Parts

Due to the high-pressure nature of the job paint sprayers do, you will find that at some point, spare parts shall become handy. You will need to look for units whose spare parts are easy to access, or can be ordered easily. The major brands always have both generic and specific spares, so you might want to check them out at the same time. (i.e.: extra paint sprayer nozzles. Paint containers, hoses, etc.)

The worst thing that can happen is you are in the middle of your project and you need to replace a common used piece. Many find that it’s best to just get an extra accessory or two of the pieces that you may need more than one of right from the beginning.

Cleaning and Maintenance

We all know that painting anything in general can be one of the messiest tasks around. While using a sprayer helps eliminate a few of the nuances, it’s still painting and painting is messy. Think of yourself after any painting project and the image pictured is pretty common.

Besides yourself, at the end of the day’s work, you will always need to clean your sprayer unit, and you do not need nor want a complex rigid system that you cannot take a part or one that takes an eternity to disassemble and clean. To make maintenance easy, go for units with smooth interior surfaces. Sprayers that draw paint straight from the can are far easier to clean than those that do not.


Some sprayers are too loud when in operation. Since you do not want to inconvenience family and neighbors or even ruin your own hearing, you have to look for the types that work as quietly as possible.

The level of noise here needs to be reasonable. Usually this depends on the size unit you are looking for and the models quality provided to you.

Regardless of the amount of noise your model creates, just as you would with any other piece of equipment, wearing earplugs is always advisable to protect your hearing.

Final Thoughts

Just take your time and review the options before you make your final selection. Knowing what you are looking for will always help you in selecting the best paint sprayer. Since the market has many diverse types, you have to know precisely what the features available are. In addition, consider the needs of your project, as larger projects need sprayers that are more sophisticated than the conventional.

Overall, if you do not already know, after you use your sprayer for the first time, you will wonder how in the world you ever operated without one. Your projects are just about to become that much more enjoyable and completed in half the time. Before you know it, you’re going to be looking for projects to take on so you can use your device as often as possible