Window cleaners and washers are responsible for cleaning dirty glass windows of offices, high-rise buildings and residential houses. Because window cleaners are working in physically demanding and challenging situations like high up on ladders, outdoors, scaffolding, suspended platforms or dangling from skyscrapers – window washers and cleaners are in a lot more dangerous situations and more dangerous jobs than most people have.

But despite the dangers of having this job, there are perks and benefits you can enjoy. Here are some of the secrets of this dangerous and sometimes perilous trade. If you want to know more about window cleaning, you can check websites like for more information.

The name “Window Washers” is very cringe worthy for people working in the business

According to most people working in the industry, the name “Window Washers” is not ideal. Most people in the business call themselves “Window Cleaners.” We are not 100% sure why they prefer “Cleaners” over “Washers,” but most of them cringe when people call them window washers. The term “Window Washer Specialist” can gain more respect and professionalism than just “Washers” and it is frequently used for window cleaning job posting.

Wind is a problem

Do you know the biggest problem window cleaners are facing every time they do their job? The answer might surprise you. It’s not the height or the steep terrain. It’s the wind. According to most window cleaners, scaffolding and wind is a terrible combination. Cleaners need to get down off the scaffolding if the wind speed reaches 25 miles per hour.

Even 15 miles per hour can be very dangerous. There were instances when suspended scaffolding broke down because of strong wind. It is challenging to keep suspending platforms steady when it is not a windy day, let alone when there is a 15 to 20 miles per hour wind blowing. It can be very nerve-wracking; there is no way you can fight nature with manpower or any means.

People working in the window cleaning industry love the freedom of working outside

People working in this line of business love the freedom of spending their time outdoors instead of working inside an office. These people work independently as well as experience the solitude and peace that will come with being in the suspended platform, high up in the air. Most window cleaners love the adrenaline cleaning windows high up in the air.

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Adrenaline is one thing, but fear is still a big factor in this line of business

Despite the adrenaline rush and the peace of mind people working as a window cleaner experience when they are up in the air working, fear is still a big factor in this line of business. High-rise window cleaners explained that if you do not feel scared when you are 100 feet up in the air cleaning the windows, you can make a mistake.

Fear can keep the people aware of their surroundings and we all know that one small error in this kind of work means injury or worse, death. Cleaning windows are one of the most dangerous jobs there is. You need to have your focus on a point and fear will help you become awake all the time.

Window cleaners have seen a lot of unusual things through the windows

Cleaners are given access to look at the inside of people’s private spaces. Some of them even work inside the houses or buildings when they are cleaning the other side of the window. That is why a lot of cleaning companies require their workers to be more discreet.

Most workers see all stuff through the window; some of them are not suitable to tell to your kids or your grandkids. But according to them, the most unusual things they have seen is not through the window but inside the house. If you are the owner of a cleaning company, you need to make sure that your workers are discreet when it comes to these kinds of things. And if you are a window cleaner, there are things in this business that you don’t need to tell other people.

The view up there is a big bonus

For people working in high-rise buildings, one of the best perks in this line of business is looking at the incredible views. Imagine that you work in a cleaning company like Spokane Valley Window Cleaning and you are working in buildings like Trump International Hotel.

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Imagine the sight you can see working in one of the tallest buildings in Washington (although Washington doesn’t have skyscrapers like what you find in cities like New York City or Los Angeles, you can still have a good view). Looking at the place at sunrise is still an incredible way to start your day. Dangling on top of a 100-foot building before everyone arrives is something special.

Companies compete for the title of fastest window washer or cleaner

Every year, IWCA or the International Window Cleaning Association hosts a contest for the fastest window cleaner in the country. Professional members of the organization who are registered in the convention can join the competition. Contestants should use the proper equipment like detergent, squeegee and cotton towel provided by the organization; in short, they can’t bring and use their equipment.

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