If you are in the real estate business, one of the essential skills you need to obtain is the skill to make a compelling or convincing property listing that can help sell properties quickly. The idea of selling something scares a lot of people, especially if you are in a real estate business.

Most people hate the notion of being an agent or broker because of all the negative feedbacks that came from being one. But the moment that you face this issue head-on instead of running away from it, that is the time that you realize selling an estate property is not that scary.

If you understand what selling a real estate property really is, you will find out that it is actually fun. After you sell your first realty, you will realize that a lot of people misunderstood what it means to promote property listing and get it sold. Most people thought it would be an annoying and awkward process, but all you need to do is to tap into your inner writing skills.

In our experience, the majority of properties is very capable of promoting or selling themselves if the price is right, promoted properly and creates a great listing that can communicate why the realty is a good deal. You need to convey to the prospected buyers why buying the property is the best decision they will ever make in their life.

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Don’t look like other listings

A lot of people have a pre-conceived notion about what property listings are supposed to look like. We have talked to a lot of real estate agents and told us that they searched other listings and wished theirs would look like the one they find on the internet. If you want to know how to write excellent real estate ads, the fact is you do not need to look like other listings.

In fact, copying what others are doing is one of the worst things an agent can do. If you made listings that most people see almost every day, your listing would be ignored. Looking just like everybody else is an excellent way to not get noticed by the public or be forgettable.

With that being said, we will be the first to one tell you that it is not that easy to think about new ideas and be original. It is not naturally instinctive for a lot of people to be creative or different. That is why a lot of listings are very uninspiring and dull. Don’t get us wrong, but these “well-established” techniques work, but most people are not clear on what, how or why it works. To show you how to write a good listing, we need to press the reset and start from scratch.

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Every great listing has a quality structure

Like a well-written school paper, a good property listing need to follow a specific order and should have the right “movement” to it.


When you are posting a property for sale online together with other listings, it is essential that your ads should have a unique and attention-grabbing headline that other listings don’t have. The headline is the most crucial part of the listing because this will be your one and only shot at getting the attention of the buyers and notice your realty.

That is why you should find a better way to stand out and become unique, not become just like anybody else. You need to remember that you only have seconds to catch people’s attention and have them click your property listing. That is why it is imperative to have a good impression. You need to address some of these issues about your real estate property:

  • What are the negatives and positives of the property that you are selling?
  • Can you make your headline funny?
  • Can you create content that will make the visitor do a double-take?

Can you make your listing’s headline unique and stick out like a sore thumb? You don’t have to lie in your headline, and you don’t need to exaggerate. You do not have to lower down your price to get people’s attention. Just be real and get their attention the right way, by being unique, direct to the point and most importantly, be truthful.

Narrative description of your property’s features

It is where the fun begins. You need to do two things in order to capture and create a good description.

  • Talk about its original features like:
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms.
  • The square footage of the property.
  • The size of the property (in acres).
  • The location and the neighborhood.
  • The number of stalls and the garage.
  • Extra amenities like patio, pool, yard, fireplace and deck.
  • Any recent renovations or updates.
  • Unique characteristics of the property like a basketball court, lakefront lot or its scenic view.

Describe the real estate in an inspiring and compelling way.

Words can do a great job of selling an estate. Some copywriters get paid over $100,000 every year, to write a piece for a sales pitch. Writing is a serious ability any competent agent should have. That is why, you need to remember that words can be a powerful, not to mention cheap, ally when selling a reality.

Most successful and famous real estate sales agents know how to convey the information mentioned above effectively and seamlessly, at the same time catering to the needs of their buyers. Do not oversell your pitch. “Do not make something out of nothing.” Describe your property the way that will help the buyer see the advantages of purchasing it. Help them picture their lives living in real estate you are selling and show them why buying, it is the best decision they will ever make in their life.

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