29 Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas: Chic and Unique Designs for Modern Spaces

Bedroom Designs

For a standard eight-foot ceiling, install ceiling spotlights two feet in from the wall. Before finalizing any type of lamp, consider finding the most suitable brightness level, or lumens. While the suggested lumens for the bedroom range between 2,000 and 4,000, it remains entirely subjective. Additionally, install ceiling-mounted pendant lights with long cords. Another form of wall-mounted lighting is the one that provides reading lights as well as general lights. Find the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Bedroom Designs

Note that the bedroom still feels fresh and feminine, courtesy of the muted gold bed frame and soft shades in the space. That said, if black paint feels a little too intense for you, navy is another great option. Plus, all-white beds never go out of style, and when paired with a tufted headboard, they’re decidedly modern. A midcentury bedside table boasting a metallic vase full of flowers completes the contemporary look. Textured bedding in cool shades of blue and gray paired with complementary curtains in similar hues ensures the exposed brick wall in this bedroom is anything but cold.

Simple And Modern Flat Bed Design

The bedroom adjacent to the dining area is an exploration of wickerwork and warm tones. A consolidated wardrobe in wood and cane extends into a beautiful study table and wooden shelving, through a beautiful composition of curved edges and soft lines. This bed space exudes a mature warmth, affirmed by the custom-designed bed and headboard.

  • Certain upholstered beds can create a cocooning space to
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32 Luxury Bedroom Ideas From Stylish Designer Spaces

Bedroom Designs

These shelves create more storage and can be easily installed anywhere on the wall. They also keep everything off the floor, which acts as a bonus when dealing with petite spaces. This ensures sufficient walking room on either side of the bed.

What will you be using your bedroom for—is it for relaxation, work, or both? Do you watch TV in bed, and would you like to have a quiet reading corner? Transform one bare wall into a gallery with pictures, posters and photographs. Tie your look together with similar frames, or go for an eclectic mix of shapes and sizes for a more dynamic feel.

Natural Materials as Decor

The bedroom here is mostly for a single person who can redefine regular bedroom designs with some useful but unique furniture and decorating articles. The bed is coupled with a lightwood footstool-cum-shelf cabinet that would be great for stacking books or bags. Then, there’s an open wooden open shelf where you can keep different display articles. This is a great bedroom design for rented homes where you can bring in some warmth with this kind of boho and interesting bedroom decor. This type of bedroom design is especially great for budget interiors and DIY projects. The wooden flooring complements the natural/boho look of the room.

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