The three ways hardwood is inferior to Porcelain wood tiles.

If a lovely home flooring is to be considered, the extravagant appearance of the wood is unmatched, but considering the high cost of maintenance and wooden equipment renders it an unrealistic selection for many homeowners. Wood porcelain tiles come with very low-maintenance requirement and cheaper than hardwood flooring and at the same time providing the ambiance of wood. Wood tiles are a significant addition to both modern and old fashioned homes when making a top-notch selection of fashionable home design, as it also provides a timeless appearance that is evergreen.

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  1. Water-resistance having the comfort of wood.
    The similar appearance of the wood is also offered by Porcelain wood tiles, but it usually sticks to the floor base and completed with the grout. This implies that a strong denser ground surface is developed on your floor that will enable it to repel stains and water, which makes it a perfect selection for bathroom, kitchen and outdoor areas. Flooring made of wood will get bigger and destroyed when water or vapor is poured on it, but the porcelain can repel water and still continue to be stylish.
  2. Simple Maintenance and tough against deterioration.
    Wood is generally soft and just get gouged or scratched by dog toenails, furniture or high heels without stress. Porcelain is very tough and does not break easily when fixed correctly for flooring. Porcelain has been designed to stand against any kind of damage and wear even if you drag heavy furniture on it or your dog keeps running around the house. You will also get a functional appearance when a porcelain tile is selected for your home design as it only demands minimal maintenance compared to others that require constant nonabrasive maintenance to maintain its best appearance.
  3. Multiple style textures and colors.
    Even though wood flooring can also be gotten is several colors, but when considering Porcelain wood tiles, they are available in innumerable designs, colors, and variations.

They range from cool and warm gray or brown, the wealthiness and style of extravagant hardwood Flooring colors are also provided by Wood tile and at the same time eco-friendly and sustainable. Tiles are also perfect when developing a contemporary design that has a Whitewood appearance, your tile floor will have the best features coupled with unmatched durability, toughness, and framework.

Imported Porcelain Tile on Wholesale.

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Perfect pattern for laying tiles for a traditional home.

As a 4% annual increase hits the tile industry, homeowners can expect outstanding design selections. Having a traditional design pattern is the best choice for homeowners looking to develop an exciting environment. Many of the tiles utilized between 1900 and 1952 are typically small and the demand for large sizes are now common, but the little tiny design is still very much in vogue which gives room for more innovation.

Below are a few of the patterns that can be used for laying tiles that are ideal for home use.


Hexagon tiles are commonly whole and a popular floor tile selection for post WW I period. The White Hex is typically cracked into astonishing styles by properly fixing colored or patterned tiles and even placing complex edges instead of a solid white floor. The little sizes which are about 1 inch will deliver astonishing designs. Hexagon porcelain tiles are provided by Happy Floors in a range of wood and marble appearance in several styles such as Blast, Paint stone, and Italia along with 3D mosaics in Dolomite and Arona styles.


Square tiles are typically small with the proper pattern and color selection are very practical. Square tiles are usually employed for colorful edges to complement hexagon designs. You can also check out these variations of its several colors. Happy Floors provides 12” X 12” size, which includes Eternity, Neostile, Peirtrad’Assisi and so on. Use 12 by12 in the search bar.

Basket Weave

These tiles are basically black and white, styled and presented rectangle and square shapes on the walls and floors to develop appealing accent pieces with clean and traditional appearance.

The variations from our Consoli series provides two separate colors such as Bianco and Beige/Noce and Bianco/Noce.


A pinwheel pattern was typically placed in a black and white on floors in traditional homes, especially homes constructed between 1920 and 1930. There are situations where colors are combined to create a similar style.
A benefit of the pinwheel design is that it can be easily extended outdoors to suit a room size. And can also be employed for bigger room sizes such as the bathroom and the eat-in kitchen. There are two different versions offered by the Consoli series.

Block Random

Some random effect can be gotten from blending and complimenting several colors and sizes, but frequently, there are tile laying patterns makes up of a certain block of tiles in a repeated fashion in the room space. Block popular was very common between 1930 and 1940 with various available tiles that offer attractive and innovative block patterns. The Versalles design comes with different-sized tiles, commonly utilizing rustic appearing stone floor and can be utilized with PietraD’Assisi line having chiseled borders.

Tiles are also very common than before, the expected market by 2024 is about $178 billion. All Floors is a wholesale provider of high quality imported items manufactures in Spain and Italy. All Floors offer vendors with rare, traditional designs suitable for domestic and commercial purposes. Reach out to us today for additional information on our products.

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