As we all know, the air temperature in cities feels hotter than in rural areas. This condition makes the use of air conditioner products a common thing.

However, some people often buy air conditioners without good consideration so they don’t suit their needs or even disappoint.

In the past, we only knew the function of AC, which is simply cooling the room, absorbing dust and dirt through the filter. However, AC products currently have a plus value and other functions, one of which is killing germs and bacteria.

Therefore, some important things about the AC specifications should we know before deciding to buy air conditioners. This helps you get the air conditioner as needed. Here are some things to consider before buying air conditioning.

1. Choose Power Saving AC

Most people are still tempted by AC at low prices and ignore the watt specifications in the air conditioner. Even though knowing the specifications is very important so that we can estimate the amount of costs for future use and maintenance.

Especially now that many AC manufacturers are promoting their products with their low watt claims. Although the air conditioner with low watt, of course does not affect the performance in cooling the room.

One of the technologies used in low wattage AC is the presence of an inverter feature. The advantage with this technology is to cool the room does not require a long time.

Then, compared to other AC’s the first pull of electricity on the AC that has this feature is also lower.

2. Consider the impact of air conditioning on health

The development of the era is increasingly sophisticated, especially regarding technology in any field. Likewise with AC. This air conditioner is increasingly taking into account various aspects of life.

One of the considerations before using AC is seen from the aspect of health.

Today, several AC manufacturers have complemented their products with Plasma cluster technology.

This innovation claims that it can kill bacteria and viruses in the room. Of course this is suitable for those of you who prioritize health in the home. So, even though air conditioners with plasma clusters have more expensive prices, you can reconsider choosing this air conditioner.

3. Room Area

Before buying air conditioning, pay attention to the size of the room that you will install the cooler. The size of the bedroom is certainly different from the use of the living room.

This certainly will affect the size of the PK so that the cold temperature of the air conditioner can be spread evenly throughout the room.

4. Select the type of air conditioner as needed

Before deciding to buy air conditioning, make sure that the brand will be purchased first. It is important that the AC purchased is more effective and efficient. There are several types of air conditioners on the market, namely types of central air conditioners, split air conditioners or standard type air conditioners.

If central AC functions to cool the entire room with a wider size. Then split AC to cool the room with a limited area.

5. Adjust the Budget

Well, before going to an electronics store to buy the lowest price air conditioner, it’s good to see and look for air conditioners with specifications and prices that are within budget. This is so when you arrive at the electronics store, there is already an overview of which AC to buy.

Besides that, you also don’t need a longer time to really decide what brand air conditioner will be.

6. Buy Vankool AC

Various AC brands that are hard to think of sometimes confuse buyers. However, with some well-known brands, of course, the quality is clearer, like Vankool. vankool is a company that has years of experience and has been producing air conditioners, ranging from portable air cooler to solar air cooler throughout the world. So you do not need to be confused anymore choosing brand compilation, AC Vankool brand is perfect for you to place in your home.
Besides being trusted in terms of warranty, AC with the famous Vankool brand is good and will not complicate the claim process if the goods are received in the future.

7. Service Warranty

Of course the most important thing before buying air conditioning is the service warranty. With a warranty you will benefit from the maintenance of electronic products.

You can choose a warranty period of three years. If there is a guarantee period of up to five years it would be better to take it. Especially at this time some AC brands offer golden warranty.

Well, that’s a few tips that can be considered before you decide to buy air conditioning. Hopefully it helps you find the best air conditioner that is right and as needed.

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